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Master Blaster
Neo-Rio says: Asteroids with powerups, mixed with the planet hopping of Gyruss. An interesting shoot'em up that held my attention a long time ago.

Movie Monster Game, The
Neo-Rio says: Play as a large monster and stomp all over a city! This game is much more playable on an emulator. The original disk used to force you to wait forever to load.

$100,000 Pyramid, The
J2003C says: This is a pretty lame game that only has appeal on TV because of the celebrities that play. There are no celbrities here, so there is little appeal. If you love fast word association games, then you might like this one... maybe!

Summer Camp
Neo-Rio says: Colourful and playable platform game, as your mouse must find the flag to summer camp.

Neo-Rio says: The gameplay of the arcade original faithfully ported to the C64. The result is a lot of fun. It's you against the clock. Get to the end of the obstacle course by any means!

ThunderCats - The Lost Eye of Thundera
Neo-Rio says: I can't say I liked the cartoon that much, but this game is quite fun and a bit frustrating. I dunno how this cartoon's theme tune found its way into "Bomb Jack II" though - that was just weird.

Neo-Rio says: A first person non-shooting game. This early game's tense horror atmosphere works because you are UNABLE to fight back! You have some weird puzzles to solve if the spiders don't scare you to death. Spare underwear not included.

Arnie's America's Cup Challenge
Neo-Rio says: This game came in the box with my C64. It took half an hour to load from tape (no joke), and since the game was so boring and frustrating I had more fun watching it load.

Bard's Tale , The - Tales of the Unknown
Steve says: Oh yeah, The Bard's Tale. Sleepless nights in Skara Brae. The good old times when a role paying game really was fun. The Bard's Tale definitely is one of the best classic, oldschool RPGs.

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