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Re: GameBase PC Freeware

Fri Jul 28, 2023 2:35 pm

can i ask...
did archive give a takedown notice for being too big / copyright?

or you just got overwhelmed with the size and nuked it!.

saying goobye to making gamebases is understandable, but leaving the world of video games. :shock:

hope you drop in to say hi from time to time.

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Re: GameBase PC Freeware

Fri Jul 28, 2023 8:27 pm

well, we have made a similar error: we have been too ambitious and so then we have reached a too big archive to handle (your freeware gamebase and my ms-dos goldies).
Maybe you can create a new gamebase. Me too in the future (if i will have some new ideas) is not to exagerate in size.
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Re: GameBase PC Freeware

Wed Sep 06, 2023 3:52 pm

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Re: GameBase PC Freeware

Sat Oct 21, 2023 12:06 am

Well it seems I haven't been able to put it down... I'm uploading the games again to Archive.org... I've been able to recover them from the disk and I'm uploading everything again...

Speaking of the main file without the games, the version from 03-27-2022 (32.52gb) brought it to almost 79% in eMule. And the version from 06-18-2021 (21.47gb) I have obtained in full.

Does anyone have the upload to Archive.org (04-14-2023) (37.94gb) of the main files (minus the games) and can you pass it on to me?
Thank you.

Torrent structure:
Extras.7z15.94 GB
gamebase_pc_freeware_main_files_14_04_2023_meta.sqlite28.00 KB
Music.rar 5.18 GB
PC_Freeware.7z 1.72 GB
Screenshots.rar 4.57 GB
Videos.rar 10.51 GB

Size: 37.94gb
Age: 5 months
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Re: GameBase PC Freeware

Thu Dec 21, 2023 8:00 pm

Uploaded to archive.org # + A + B
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Re: GameBase PC Freeware

Mon Feb 26, 2024 3:29 pm

uploaded to archive.org windows packs.


# - (333 files)(52,3gb)
pack_#1 - ! (Exclamation) to 3dmaze v1.7 (160 files, 6,45gb)
pack_#2 - 3d-pong v1.0 to 11-11-11 v1.1.1 (79 files, 6,41gb)
pack_#3 - 11th hour, the (en) to 10800 zombies (end) (92 files, 7,72gb)
pack_#4 - 3do collection 92-in-1 (25,5gb)
pack_#5 - 350-in-1 marcianitos (6,22gb)

A - (1,183 files)(66,7gb)
pack_A1 - a to b basset -to- aethra chronicles (231 files, 10,4gb)
pack_A2 - affenitaet -to- aluhn premium adventurener (320 files, 15,7gb)
pack_A3 - amanagi -to- anyman 2 dr alien's revenge (195 files, 15,3gb)
pack_A4 - ao6 -to- arxon (183 files, 11,9gb)
pack_A5 - asahina mikuru no yoko scroll action -to- azutama (254 files, 13,1gb)

B - (1,271 files)(62,6gb)
pack_B1 - from b.a.l.l.o. -to- battleworms v0.94 (255 files, 7,91gb)
pack_B2 - from battlezone 1.5 v1.17 -to- beowulf - the game (187 files, 9,41gb)
pack_B3 - from bermen -to- blocs unleashed (282 files, 9,75gb)
pack_B4 - blok asylum -to- bzzz (545 files, 9,62gb)
pack_B5 - beat'em up collection (120-in-1) (22,7gb)

C - (1,073 files)(84,4gb)
pack_C1 - from C.I. Charlies II -to- Cardinal Quest v1.2 (115 files, 5,22gb)
pack_C2 - from Cardwar v1.2.8 -to- Castlevania: The Lecarde Chronicles 2 (73 files, 3,84gb)
pack_C3 - Castlevania Collection (18-in-1) (1 file, 5,57gb)
pack_C4 - from Castlevania Quest Horror -to- CD Mix Reborn Vol.4 (77 files, 10,3gb)
pack_C5 - cd-man -to- choppy (153 files, 4,25gb)
pack_C6 - chosen, the -to- chronicles of coldcrest (39 files, 3,77gb)
pack_C7 - chronicles of murder hobo -to- climbing clive (99 files, 5,01gb)
pack_C8 - clingy ninja -to- coder (49 files, 9,00gb)
pack_c9 - codered - alien arena -to- coyote episode i the mexican (213 files, 9,71gb)
pack_c10 - commodore amiga fs-uae full database (1 file, 18,0gb)
pack_c11 - cpcgamescd -to- cytter (265 files, 9,99gb)

D - (828 files)(77,1gb)
pack_d1 - d3dchess -to- datajack (110 files, 12,5gb)
pack_d2 - daphne arcade collection (1 files, 20gb)
pack_d3 - dave and wendy's magnificent adventure -to- diamonds in the rough (254 files, 11,7gb)
pack_d4 - diaspora shattered armistice -to - dreamball 64 (282 files, 13,6gb)
pack_d5 - dreamcast homebrew collection -to- dreamscapes 2 (8 files, 10,0gb)
pack_d6 - dreamside maroon -to- dyson (173 files, 8,47gb)

e - (408 files)(27,2gb)
pack_e1 - e bowling -to- enviro-bear 2000 (241 files, 13,7gb)
pack_e2 - envoy -to- eyes (167 files, 13,5gb)

f - (679 files)(27,8gb)
pack_f1 - f = ma -to- fist pc (292 files, 13,8gb)
pack f2 - fistful of cows -to- f-zero (387 files, 14,0gb)

g - (544 files)(16,0gb)
pack g1 - gaardian -to- golemancer (329 files, 8,53gb)
pack g2 - golf (crocell) -to- gyroscope (215 files, 7,50gb)

h - (460 files)(31,9gb)
pack h1: h laser dimensions -to- hellchess (179 files, 9,42gb)
pack h2: hellforces -to- huu baku (251 files, 9,65gb)
pack h3: hvg vol.1 -to- hypnoid (30 files, 12,8gb)

i - (281 files)(20,1gb)
pack i1: i am still alive instance zero -to- industries of titan (141 files, 11,0gb)
pack i2: Inertial bash -to- iyashi (140 files, 9,17gb)

j - (226 files)(5,34gb)
pack j1: j.a.o.s.s. -to- just shoot the thing (226 files, 5,34gb)

k - (305 files)(16,5gb)
pack k1: k.t. in closet chaos -to- kimboot (119 files, 7,87gb)
pack k2: kin ii -to- kyuri (186 files, 8,69gb)

l - (476 files)(26,2gb)
pack l1: l.a.2 -to- left 4 miners (118 files, 10,0gb)
pack l2: legacies of dondoran -to- living in a glass house (183 files, 9,60gb)
pack l3: living stones -to- lysoroids (175 files, 6,63gb)

m - (1050 files)(55,8gb)
pack m1: m.i.a. -to- marvel vs dc universe (292 files, 10,6gb)
pack m2: marvin the paranoid -to- mental pacman (188 files, 11,1gb)
pack m3: mental repairs -to- monty's christmas special (311 files, 14,3gb)
pack m4: monument (2015) -to- mozpong dx (111 files, 7,86gb)
pack m5: mr dig -to- mytris (148 files, 11,8gb)

n - (375 files)(30,5gb)
pack n1: n -to- nightfall (208 files, 15,5gb)
pack n2: nightkeep -to- (167 files, 14,9gb)

o - (269 files, 12,2gb)
pack o1: o cofre -to- ozzy bubbles (269 files, 12,2gb)

p - (867 files, 73,4gb)
pack p1: p - slider -to- pheenix tng (306 files, 8,88gb)
pack p2: pc engine cd collection (1 file, 14,6gb)
pack p3: philips cdi games collection -to- pinball arcade (49 files, 11,9gb)
pack p4: pinball fx2+fx3 (1 file, 14,7gb)
pack p5: pinchi's world 2 -to- preva (295 files, 9,92gb)
pack p6: prey -to- pysycache (215 files, 13,3gb)

q - (71 files, 1,84gb)
pack q1 - all

r - (629 files)(25,9gb)
pack r1: r v0.9 -to- resistance v1.1 (243 files, 14,0gb)
pack r2: resonance (demo) -to- ryuko no ken nekketsu (386 files, 11,9gb)

s - (2033 files, 118gb)
pack s1: s#32 -to- sega 32x collection (292 files, 10,8gb)
pack s2: sega genesis col (721in1) -to- sega model 2 (4 files, 8,80gb)
pack s3: sega smash pack -to- sky-whirling geo (368 files, 10,7gb)
pack s4: slam junk! -to- sogeking (196 files, 12,4gb)
pack s5: soko -to- spherunner (331 files, 11,2gb)
pack s6: spice trade -to- starfall - alyssa's adventure (176 files, 11,0gb)
pack s7: starfall v1.3 -to- steeplechase (78 files, 11,0gb)
pack s8: stellar warfare -to- supeesu bouken (249 files, 10,1gb)
pack s9: super action bounce -to- szone (338 files, 8,29gb)
pack s10: sega saturn col. (71-in-1) 23,5gb

t - (841 files, 41,6gb)
pack t1: t32k -to- textfire golf (295 files, 13,4gb)
pack t2: thanatophobia -to- tomb of giza (195 files, 10,1gb)
pack t3: tomb raider col. (9-in-1) (1 file, 8,24gb)
pack t4: tombed -to- tyujiro (350 files, 9,77gb)

u - (160 files, 7,34gb)
pack u1: all

v - (212 files, 10,7gb)
pack v1: all

w - (397 files, 17,9gb)
pack w1: w.h.i.t.e. -to- winkawaks (228 files, 10,4gb)
pack w2: winkill -to- wzebra (169 files, 7,49gb)

x - (92 files, 4,22gb)
pack x1: all

y - (69 files, 5,11gb)
pack y1: all

z - (166 files, 9,79gb)
pack z1: all
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Re: GameBase PC Freeware

Mon Apr 15, 2024 12:23 pm

ok, i have a little bad health and better upload this than loosing it forever ...
there are 4 parts of a game, fourth is not finished ...
programmed by me in basic because dont know another language and is emulated for msx.
_desafio desconocido_ - _unknown challenge_
the first is in spanish and the other ones in spanish and english ...
https://mega.nz/file/9IhQXTiZ#qDxjIh1Fk ... k-bTq3V6dQ

grab it hot ...

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