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Gamebase C64 and PET

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Gamebase C64 and PET

Wed Feb 01, 2023 12:44 am

Hi... so I've been busy making a front end for Gamebase. It has the following:

- Gamebase v18
- Gamebase PET v3.1 (additional 50 games)
- All of the documentation, manuals, covert art, etc. attached to the entries
- Ability to play ALL Gamebase games from your browser
- Download all games

I'm not looking to compete with GB64.com, only make the files available since cbm8bit went down.

So if you're looking for downloads, they can be found at https://commodoregames.net/

Note: You're not able to hotlink, you must download from the website itself.
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Re: Gamebase C64 and PET

Thu Feb 02, 2023 10:57 pm

I appreciate that you are trying to help by hosting game files, however you have gone further than just hosting files in providing an online database - which is the whole point of the GB64 website.

You may have missed the statement on the GB64 website stating:-

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NOTE: This database and all the data contained within are the work of the GameBase64 team. The use of this data elsewhere is strictly prohibited unless explicit written permission is given.
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