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More MIA educational software!

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More MIA educational software!

Thu Oct 05, 2006 5:46 pm

Here's a hundred more! Note that Daybreak Software is just a label.

Educational Activities, Inc.

ABC-123 - Activities for Learning
Adventures of Dobot, The
Algebraic Expressions
Annam - The Study of a Developing Country
Astronomy - Stars for All Seasons
Basic Math Competency
Cells and Tissues
CLIP - Computer Literacy Instructional Program
Comp-U-Solve - An Adventure in Problem Solving
Computer Crossroads
Core Reading and Vocabulary Development
Diascriptive Reading - Diascriptive I
Diascriptive Reading - Diascriptive II
Dragon Games
Early Childhood Learning Program
English Basics - Program 1 - Parts of Speech
English Basics - Program 2 - Concepts in Language Arts
Graphing Exponential Functions
Heart Lab
How to Read in the Content Areas - Literature
How to Read in the Content Areas - Mathematics
How to Read in the Content Areas - Science
How to Read in the Content Areas - Social Studies
Introduction to Decimals on the Computer
Introduction to Mathematics on the Computer
Lincoln's Decisions
Long Division
Math Baseball
Math Conqueror
Math for Everyday Living
Missing Math Facts
O'Brien Vocabulary Placement Test, The
Our Weird and Wacky World
Our Wild and Crazy World
Parts of the Microscope
Punctuation I
Punctuation II
Quotation Marks
Read and Solve Math Problems #1
Read and Solve Math Problems #2
Readability Index
Regions of the United States
Science Content Area Reading
Scrambled Letters / Flash Spelling
Some Basic BASIC
Using Phonics in Context
Writing Competency Program

Daybreak Software

Addition and Subtraction of Decimals
Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers
Multiplication and Division of Decimals
Multiplication and Division of Fractions
Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers
Simple Algebraic Equations

Sunburst Communications

Bank Street Beginner's Filer
Bank Street School Filer - Animal Life
Bank Street School Filer - Astronomy
Bank Street School Filer - Climate and Weather
Bank Street School Filer - Colonial Times
Bank Street School Filer - Endangered Species
Bank Street School Filer - North America
Bank Street School Filer - Our Town
Bank Street School Filer - Space
Bank Street School Filer - US
Building Perspective
Challenge Math
Code Quest
Factory, The
Get to the Point
Getting to Read and Add
Gnee or Not Gnee
Iggy's Gnees
Missing Links
Muppet Learning Keys
Odd One Out
Plane View
Power Drill
Puzzle Tanks
Puzzler, The
Right Turn, The
Safari Search
Simon Says
Survival Math
Teasers by Tobbs
Teddy and Iggy
Tiger's Tales
Trading Post
Wally's Word Works
Whatsit Corporation, The
Word Detective
Word Quest
Wrinkle in Time, A

Taken from the following catalogs:
1985 - Educational Activities, Inc. / Daybreak Software
1986 - Educational Activities, Inc.
1989 - Sunburst Communications

Atari Frog

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