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Adding contents to the database via ODBC

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Adding contents to the database via ODBC

Tue Mar 16, 2004 12:07 am


Another question... I'd like to add about 1000 disk images to the database - a lot of work, if you do it by hand. A have several text files describing the contents of most disks. That would be a good first start to fill the database. I'm also a good programmer and creating a little program to add this info via ODBC into the MDB should be possible within some hour - while adding is manually would require (many) days. I already looked into the database and I think the GAMES table is what I need. Some fields are self explanatory - others are not. Is there a documentation about the fields somewhere? Otherwise I will try to enter one entry manually, and copy all other fields except NAME and FILENAME, when adding my collection. Is there any other magic to do?

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