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Zooming screenshots to larger popup window, not working?!

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Zooming screenshots to larger popup window, not working?!

Thu Jan 22, 2004 4:24 pm

Hi all!

First of all, as a newly registered user, I'd like to say a big thanx to the GB team for putting so much effort into a brilliant production. It is a very neat package and a joy to use.

I have a problem however. When I am using my local GameBase install on my PC everything works fine, except for when I decide to get the zoomed view of a screenshot in the popup window by clicking on the screenshot column on the right-hand side.

I will post a screenshot so you can see what I mean, but basically when I try to zoom the screenshots, the border of the popup window appears, but no picture inside it.


Here you can see when I have double clicked the screenshot to zoom it (same happens with Zoom on right click menu). The window has a border, but no screenshot inside. Any ideas, or help appreciated. :)



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