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Merging Gamebase .mdb files

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Merging Gamebase .mdb files

Fri Mar 09, 2018 1:00 am

Over the years I have been adding bits and pieces to the Atari 800 v.12 GameBase for my own use.

I recently found a v.13.1 on this site updated by mad which does not have a lot of stuff that I added to the earlier version. I have added mainly references to Magazine and Book released software and many more type-ins that are not in the current version.

Is there an easy way to successfully merge both .mdb files so that I can add what I have done to v.13.1?

It would take me weeks to manually update the current version with mine.

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Re: Merging Gamebase .mdb files

Fri Mar 09, 2018 12:26 pm

Adding stuff to a GameBase that is still being updated is not reccomended, for that very reason.
The best thing to do is supply all the information to the GameBase creator at the time.
So you can add the data to the current beta or work on it together.

The problem is, when you add a NEW game , publisher, developer, programmer... they are all assigned a unique ID number for that data entry.

So if the gamebase creator also adds a new Game or Publisher..., it will use the same ID numbers you just created. making a duplicate IDs, but for different data.
so merging the two files will display the wrong data for all the NEW data entries.

As you have updated v12 of the GameBase, odds on there are duplicte ID's in the mix.
And maybe 'some' of your new game entries will have already been added in V13.

If you have only added EXTRAS to existing game entries?
It might be possible to add those to v13.1 with a simple cut and paste, and only changing the 'display order' for any duplicate extra ID's.
Any of your NEW game entries could easily be added without the NEW programmer/data information.
saving you some time at least.

If Sparky has been busy updating the GameBase since the V13.1 update.
The problem will repeat itself, none of your updated games will be in the next (V14) release.

if you PM me a download link of your updated MDB with all the NEW files you added.
i will take a look, and see what can be done.

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