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Re: MS-DOS Goldies

Posted: Fri Dec 27, 2019 1:58 pm
by kloun34
One of the best motorcycle games in this superb database is missing: Moto Racer :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Re: MS-DOS Goldies

Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2019 9:40 am
by Seiya
eh, i added windows game that more or less are linked to DOS or Windows prequel or that have some reference.

Re: MS-DOS Goldies

Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2019 9:58 am
by Seiya
i have added "infohash" for every release because the first one was available only on dead tracker.

Re: MS-DOS Goldies

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 9:26 am
by Smiling Spectre
Can anyone seed Updates 7 and 8, please? I am trying to download full collection since New Year, and this two files was alive only once, week ago, when I successfully got both up to 90%+. And now they hang in that state a full week already... :|

Thank you. it today, 24th. Thank you, only anonymous seeder from Serbia! :)

Re: MS-DOS Goldies

Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 10:02 pm
by Seiya
sorry, not always i come here. so i read your post in delay, but good that someone was in seed. sometimes i check if there are peers connected.

Re: MS-DOS Goldies

Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2020 7:45 pm
by Seiya
Mega Update 12 is online :)

Re: MS-DOS Goldies

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 11:36 pm
by OX
Seiya wrote:
Fri Jan 31, 2020 7:45 pm
Mega Update 12 is online :)
Thanks Seiya

Re: MS-DOS Goldies

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 2:50 pm
by manguan
Great! Thanks again.

Re: MS-DOS Goldies

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 1:16 pm
by kloun34

Thanks !!!!!

Despite the download of all update packs, I'm missing 11 games compared to the database:

Games not found: 11/6849
e:\GameBase\MS-DOS Goldies\games\

a\Alice\dosbox.exe 9852 Alice - An Interactive Museum (CD)
a\Goldrake SPACER 1.3.0.exe 10243 Atlas Ufo Robo - Goldrake
c\Complete Reference Library (1995)(Mindscape)\dosbox.exe 10460 Complete Reference Library (CD)
c\conoscere terracd\DOSBox.exe 7398 Conoscere il Pianeta Terra (CD, Ita)
d\Driller\win7.bat 5518 Driller (Remake)
f\Battlefield Operations\FalconAF.exe 9671 Falcon 4.0 - Battlefield Operations (CD)
j\JFPLAT\start.bat 9637 JetFighter III - Platinum Edition (CD)
j\JFPLAT\3dfx.bat 9638 JetFighter III - Platinum Edition (CD, 3DFX)
m\start.bat 7500 Mag!!! (Ger)
t\triviacd\DOSBox.exe 7399 Trivia CD (Ita)
v\ 10046 Virus Farm

Tunes not found: 0/328

Pictures not found: 3/6827
e:\GameBase\MS-DOS Goldies\screenshot\

a\goldrake.jpg 10243 Atlas Ufo Robo - Goldrake
c\conoscere terracd.png 7398 Conoscere il Pianeta Terra (CD, Ita)
t\triviacd.png 7399 Trivia CD (Ita)

Extras not found: 3/2556
e:\GameBase\MS-DOS Goldies\extra\

1402 Cover atmosfear\Covers\Atmosfear-covers.sfv 7986 Atmosfear (CD)
948 Solution shivers.1.html 6491 Shivers (CD)
2182 Making OF win commander 1-2\WingC interview.PDF 1643 Wing Commander

Re: MS-DOS Goldies

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 8:07 pm
by Seiya
first look at every single games in the list and manually check if they are in right place. This problem do have after "update 12"?
Check also if you have these games. do you download every release?

i can send you final mdb that i have now with 7709 entries (however when you "verify the games", mdb will update in base of your current games).

Re: MS-DOS Goldies

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2020 7:15 pm
by kloun34

Thank you very much for the mdb file !!
No, I haven't had this problem since the last update.
I'm missing some more with your mdb file, so I must have forgotten a release.

Here's what I loaded:

Ms-Dos Goldies: New Edition
MS-DOS Goldies Mega Update 31-40
MS-DOS Goldies Mega Update 2 41-50
MS-DOS Goldies Mega Update 3
MS-DOS Goldies Mega Update 4
MS-DOS Goldies Mega Update 5
MS-DOS Goldies Mega Update 6
MS-DOS Goldies Mega Update 7
MS-DOS Goldies Mega Update 8
MS-DOS Goldies Mega Update 9
MS-DOS Goldies Mega Update 10
MS-DOS Goldies Mega Update 11
MS-DOS Goldies Mega Update 12
Msdos Goldies.JPG
Msdos Goldies.JPG (47.99 KiB) Viewed 13653 times
not found.JPG
not found.JPG (21.71 KiB) Viewed 13650 times

Re: MS-DOS Goldies

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2020 10:06 pm
by OX
Kloun34 I get exactly the same missing links, some of the files are there and I have linked them before, but of course after a new mdb is downloaded the changes are wiped out. Looks like Seiya changed some paths and filenames in some previous version and has only provided updates with the changes since but not the files and paths of the missing/unlinked files.

To fix this for everyone Seiya would need to provide the missing files in the correct paths that we are missing.

Re: MS-DOS Goldies

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:53 am
by Seiya
maybe don't use latest mdb becuase i have change paths in some updates. If you have yet "update12" use that mdb.

i check your missing files path, but they are exactly where they should be. now i check again because you have all needed release.

Re: MS-DOS Goldies

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:19 am
by Seiya
ok, i don't know how this problem is born, but lacking games are not present in these "12 update". These entries will be in the next releases that i have yet to make. I remember that i have used on some update a more recent mdb becuase i have had problem. maybe some entries now are indicated, but not there in real.

well, lacking games i forgot to add in my archives. i could add in the next release, but that could be problems with future releases because if i changed some paths, next mdb could be delete any change.

Alice Intercative Museum, Atlas Ufo Robot, Driller, JetFighter III, Complete Reference Library, Conoscere Pianeta Terra, Trivial Pursuit, Virus Farm, Mag (GER) should be in one of current releases (from main archive to update 12), but i think that i have lost one archive..

in the next release i add it again and i hope there is no problem for next mdb

Re: MS-DOS Goldies

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 10:16 am
by Seiya
I made a release that is the full version of MS-DOS Goldies without games. It includes the "database", "all extras with few games" and "screeshot".
I don't put this link in first page because it is only a release that could be interest only few person that need to have only database and screenshot. ... out-Games/
INFOHASH : D42C13673741D8B77FD86755D891EF0D5DE5F730

fix (i forget to add the MDB) ... Games-Fix/