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Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:19 am

I am currently working on the letter 'F' games now. This thing is going to be a monster and my initial plan was to release it only when it was finished. However, with a concern for all the intensive work potentially going to waste in the event of a hard drive crash, I am a little up in the air about how long to keep this project under lock and key.

After all, I would feel better if a few people had the gamebase archived on their machines just so there would always be a backup somewhere.

So first initial release? Hmmm... not sure...


maybe there will be a little something extra under the christmas tree this year...

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Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:43 am


  • 2nd Math (1989)(Stone & Associates) [noinfo]
    4-Gewinnt (Unknown)(unknown) [DB]
    4-Sight (-)(1987) [noinfo] [DB]
    7 Dragon Balls (1994)(-) [DB] http://www.ag.ru/games/7_dragon_balls
    16 (1996)(Alexandr Gogava) [DB]
    21 Gewinnt (De)(1992)(Brightside Software) [DB]
    666 IV (2003)(Kopromaster Veliky)
    2189 (1990)(Greap) [DB]
    'Allo 'Allo Cartoon Fun (1994)(Alternative Software) [DB]
    A Brief Tryst (1992)(Fruitsoft) [DB]
    A Day In The City...A Day On The Farm (19xx)(Wizardworks) [noinfo]
    A Day In The Park...A Day At The Zoo (19xx)(Wizardworks) [noinfo]
    A Question of Sport (1988)(Encore)(Elite Systems Ltd.) [noinfo]
    A Touch of Chaos (1992)(Bourbaki) [fractools] [fracshow] [noinfo]
    Abc's for Troddlers (Richard C. John)(1992) [noinfo]
    AD-Run (1988)(Lar Schenk) [DB]
    Adam '99 (GameMaker) (1999)(Alan Caudel) [DB]
    Add And Subtract With Alf (1988)(Vision Software) [DB]
    Addams Family Print Gallery (1992)(Hi Tech Expressions) [DB]
    Adding With Objects (1987)(Disk-Count Software, Inc) (microEd software?) [noinfo]
    Addition & Subtraction (1991?)(Maverick Software) [noinfo]
    Addition/Subtraction (1987)(Vision Software) [noinfo]
    Advance To Boardwalk (1990)(Gametek) [DB]
    Advanced Casino Strategy (1993)(Advanced Software) [noinfo]
    Adventure (GameMaker) (1995)(Alan Caudel) [DB]
    Adventure Quest IV (1988)(Keypunch) [DB]
    Adventure Master - CBS Software (1985) [DB]
    Adventures of Fred Earwigian, The (1994)(A-J Games) [DB]
    Aero (sopwith hack) (1984)(BMB compuscience)
    Afrika - Magic Games (1994) [DB]
    Afrika Korps (1991)(impressions)
    Afterburner (1988)(SEGA) [DB]
    Agi Gongnyong Goldie (1994)(Goldstar Software)
    Aide de Camp (1993)(HPS Simulations) [Currently only a DEMO version is available in DOSBase] [DB]
    Air Force Commander 2 (1993)(Impressions) [DB]
    Air Traffic (SubLogic)(1992)
    Airline Tycoon (KOEI)(1995) {Role-playing}
    ALF's U.S. Geography - Vision Software (1993) [DB]
    Alge-Blaster Plus (1985) Algebra Program for IBM/Tandy and Major Compatibles 5 ¼” and 3.5 Disks **missing**
    Alge-Blaster! (1985)(Davidson) ISBN=DAVID0003 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy **missing**
    Algebra (1993)(Brøderbund Software) ISBN=47956-41712 PC Compatible 3.5" Floppy 1.2M 5.25 Floppy
    Algebra 1 First Semester (19xx)(Britannica Software) ISBN=45445-40201 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy
    Algebra 1 Second Semester (19xx)(Britannica Software) ISBN=45445-40202 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy
    Algebra Arcade (19xx)(Wadsworth Electronic Publishing Company) DOS
    Algebra Plus Volume I (1984)(Stone & Associates) ISBN=STONE0001 PC Compatible 3.5" Floppy **missing**
    Algebra Plus Volume II (1984)(Stone & Associates)
    Alive: Behind the Moon (De)(1996)(Nova Media) [DB]
    All About Our World (1991)(Intentional Educations)
    Alley Driver (19xx)(Centaur Software)
    Alpine Tram Ride (19xx)(Merit Software) (http://www.skepticfiles.org/md001/speechgu.htm)
    Alter Wars (MSX Port)(1995)(Friends Software, ASCII Corporation)
    Amarillo Slim's Real Poker (1991)(Villa Crespo Software)
    America Paint & Learn (19xx)(ARK Multimedia)
    Animal Hotel (1985)(Learning Technologies) ISBN=80772-07153 5.25 Floppy (http://www.skepticfiles.org/md001/speechgu.htm)
    Ant Attack 2000 (2000)(Nathan Cross) [DB] Spectrum remake
    Ant-Life (1994)(PC Solutions)
    APBA Pro Football (1993)(APBA Game Company)
    AppleMen (R)(1996)(Nscnukna Anekcqhap)
    Arcanoid (R)(1991)(BadiSoft)
    Arnie Savage: Combat Commando (1994)(Zepplin Games Ltd.) [DB]
    ASCII Doom (1999)(Oleg Sobolev) [DB]
    Assignment: Miami / Code Name: Enforcer (1990)(Dolphin Marine Systems, Inc.)
    Asterix and the Magic Carpet (1987)(Coktel Vision) [DB]
    Asterix Ed Il Colpo Del Menhir (It) (1990)(Loriciel)
    Asteroid Smash (2000)(JugiBugi entertainment)(AukioGames) [DB]
    Asteroidz-3D (1999)(Xtreme Games) http://www.freeweb.hu/makis/elemek/M_in ... GAMES.html
    Astro Chicken 2 (1997)(Chris Geroux)(ScumSoft Software)
    Astro-Ids (1994)(Marshall Ramsey)
    AstroNumbers (19xx)(PC Gradeworks) ISBN=PCGRA0001 PC Compatible 5.25 Floppy
    ATC: Air Traffic Controller (1992)(Mallard software) [DB]
    Atlantis Rising (1999)(EvilX Systems)
    Atlas 1.41 (1991)(Nuturoch Kultur)
    Avenger (1996)(Deadline) [DB]
    B.A.B.Y. (1993)(Software Marketing Corpo) ISBN=29798-00035 rPC Compatible 3.5 Floppy 5.25 Floppy [noinfo]
    Baccarat (1995)(Bitwise Software International)
    BackSlappers (1985)(Disk-Count Software, Inc) ISBN=26717-27109 PC Compatible 5.25 Floppy [noinfo]
    Bandor 2:Wrath of the Storm Giant King (Ron Lemons)(1992) [noinfo]
    BASIC Fun: Computer Games, Puzzles, and Problems Children can Write (1982)(Avon Books) [DB]
    Battleship (1988)(Epyx, Inc.) -also published by Elite Systems, Ltd. in 1987
    Battle Stations (1990)(Innerprise Software) [DB]
    BDash (2000)(Roland J Gerear) [DB]
    BDASH too! (1999)(Kalse) [DB]
    Beating the House at Blackjack (1989)(Applications Plus, Inc.) [DB]
    Berenstain Bears Fun With Colors, The (1985)(Britannica Software) [DB]
    Berenstain Bears Junior Jigsaw, The (1990)(Britannica Software) [noinfo]
    Bez Pegs (199x)(B & N Software - Epic) [DB]
    Big Bird's Special Delivery (1987)(CBS or Hi Tech Expressions) ISBN=87855-01502 PC Compatible 5.25 Floppy [DB]
    Big Boggle (1985)(Gametek) ISBN=43948-00181 PC Compatible 5.25 Floppy (developed, but never shipped) [DB]
    Billiards Simulator (1988)(ERE International) [DB]
    Bingo construction kit (1988)(Box Office, Inc.) [DB]
    Biologica! (1990)(Virtualogic) [DB]
    Blackjack Academy (1987)(MicroIllusions) [DB]
    Blackjack Master (1986)(Elite Software) [DB]
    Blaster! (1998)(Topware Interactive) [DB]
    Blast Off (2001)(Edmundo Ruiz) [DB]
    Blood Sport (1992)(Harald Krines, Thorsten Schmidt) [DB]
    Bob vs. the Mob (1995)(Mistigris) [DB] (game will be inside Another zip file MIST_0104)
    Body Transparent (1985)(DesignWare) ISBN=45445-40114 PC Compatible 5.25 Floppy [DB]
    Bomberman (1992)(Ubi Soft Entertainment) [DB]
    Bookie Bookworm: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1994)(Cloud Nine Creative Group) [DB]
    Bookie Bookworm: The Tortoise and the Hare (1994)(Cloud Nine Creative Group) [DB]
    Boom Box (1993)(Dr. T's Music Software) ISBN=DOCTS0003 PC Compatible 3.5 Floppy 1.2M 5.25 Floppy [noinfo]
    Borsenfieber (1989)(Falken-Verlag GmbH) [DB]
    Borrowed Time (1985)(Activision, Inc, Mastertronic Group Ltd) [DB]
    Bots (Bradley Beact)(1989) [noinfo]
    Bouncy Bee Learns Letters (1985)(IBM) [DB]
    Bouncy Bee Learns Words (1985)(IBM) [noinfo]
    Brainies, The (1992)(Loricels) [DB]
    Breakout (1989)(Ralph Seelig) [DB]
    Breakout (198x)(unknown) [DB]
    Bridge Baron 9 (1999)(Great Game Productions) [noinfo]
    Budget Baseball (1990)(Streetsong Software) [DB]
    Buried Buck$ (1992)(A.N.A.L.O.G. Software) [DB]
    Candy Land (1988)(Gametek) ISBN=43948-00072 PC Compatible 5.25 Floppy [DB]
    Capitalist Pig (1991)(Pigworks) ISBN=37162-90201 PC Compatible 3.5 Floppy [DB]
    Carey DeVuono's Hollywood Mogul (1994)(DeVuono Games) [DB]
    Casanova (1989)(IBER)
    Casino Girls Video Poker (1994)(Villa Crespo Software) [DB][notworking dir]
    Castle Siege Enhanced (Tom Sherwood)(1991) [This is the registered version of Castle Siege]
    Castlemaze (2002)(Steven Darnold)
    Catch a Falling Star (198x)(Maples Software) [DB]
    Celtic Legends (1991)(Ubi Soft Entertainment Software) [DB]
    Chad's Crazy Adventure (GameMaker) (199x)(Sean McNulty) [DB]
    Championship Poker (1987)(Applications Plus) ISBN=23165-01042 PC Compatible 5.25 Floppy [DB]
    Change Maker (1991)(Softdisk Publishing) [DB]
    Chaos World (1994)(SSI) [notworking dir]
    Charlie Brown's ABC's (1985)(Random House Software) ISBN=RANHO0014 IBM PCjr 5.25 Floppy [DB]
    Chess System Tal (1997)(Oxford Softworks) [DB]
    Chomp! *pc?* (1989)(Cosmi) ISBN=22787-92234 PC Compatible 5.25 Floppy [DB]
    Club Backgammon (19xx)(California Dreams) ISBN=35054-10307 PC Compatible 3.5 Floppy
    Color Star (1990)(Schenk & Horn) [DB]
    Comic Book Creator (1991)(Hi Tech Expressions) ISBN=87855-50802 PC Compatible 3.5 Floppy [DB]
    Computer Baseball (1983)(Strategic Simulations, Inc.) [DB]
    Computer Crosswords, vol. 2 (1984)(Softie Incorporated)
    Computer Facts in Five (1982)(Avalon Hill) [DB]
    Computer-Fitness (1988)(Heka-Soft) [DB]
    Computer Laptop Chess (1986) (Mindscape, Inc.)
    Conquestador (1992) (German Design group) [DB]
    Corrupt (1990)(G.LL.)
    Crazy Bomber (1993)(Dynasty)
    Creative Color Presents ABC's Colorin (19xx)(GRT Corporation) ISBN=25549-00002 PC Compatible 3.5 Floppy
    Creative Color Presents Dinosaurs Col (19xx)(GRT Corporation) ISBN=25549-00005 PC Compatible 3.5 Floppy
    Cribbage/ Bridge Entertainment (1985)(Main Street Publishing, Inc.)
    Cribbage/PC (1987)(Stocking Stuffer Software) [DB]
    Cripple Mr. Onion (1998)(Mr. Onion)
    Crossword Puzzles Volume III (1984)(Share Data)
    Cruisin (1990)(Stark) [DB]
    Crystal Map (1997)(KOGA)
    Curse of Armand Castle, The (1995)(Steve Scotland) [DB]
    Cyberball (1990)(Domark Software, Inc.) [DB]
    Daily Double Horse Racing (1988)(CDS Software, Ltd.) [DB]
    Dafty Duck (199x)(Ultisoft) [DB]
    Dame 12 (1989)(Jurgen Schmitt) [DB]
    Damesteine (1988)(M. Kothe) [DB]
    Darkness Rising (2001)(Atypical-Interactive) http://web.archive.org/web/200106292333 ... ctive.com/
    Das Haus (1990)(Ariolasoft GmbH)
    Das Königreich unter der Erde (1988)(Heka-Soft) [DB]
    De Zaak Van De Verdwenen Ambtenaar (1994)(Harry Hol) [DB]
    DeathMatch 2002 (19xx)(unknown) [DB]
    Decko-Mate (1990)(Sam Hazan) [DB]
    Defender of Freedom (1992)(DS Interactive) [DB]
    Dell Crossword Puzzles Volume III (1987)(ShareData) [DB]
    Demonika (GameMaker)(2003)(Sean McNulty) [DB]
    Der Kamm (1987)(Heka-Soft) [DB]
    Devil Land (1994)(Lifetimes) [DB]
    Diamond Ball II (1989)(H. Wilhelm) [DB]
    Dick Tracy: Crimestoppers Print Kit (1991)(Disney interactive) ISBN=044702000128 5.25" Floppy 3.5" Floppy
    Die Rache von Las Vegas (1989)(VEGASoft) [DB]
    Digging For Rocks & Minerals (1995)(GRT Corporation) (May be a clone of "Digging for Buried Treasure (1994)(Marathon)) [DB]
    Digits (1988)(Heka-Soft) [DB]
    Dinosaur Designer (1991)(Hi Tech Expressions) ISBN=87855-50402 PC Compatible 3.5" Floppy [DB]
    Dinosaur Discovery Kit (1991)(First Byte) ISBN=51581-90101 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy [DB]
    Dinosaurs (1984)(Advanced Ideas Inc.) ISBN=46008-050002 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy
    Dinosaurs are Forever (1988)(Merit Software) ISBN=10315-22401 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy
    Discover Alphabet (19xx)(Maverick Software) ISBN=90502-10510 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy
    Discover Chemistry (19xx)(Maverick Software) ISBN=MAVRK0001 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy
    Discover Math (19xx)(Maverick Software) ISBN=MAVRK0003 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy
    Discover Numbers (1988)(Maverick Software) ISBN=MAVRK0004 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy
    Discover U.S. History & Geography (19xx)(Maverick Software) ISBN=MAVRK0002 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy
    Disney's Aladdin Print Kit (1993)(Disney Interactive Software) [DB]
    Disney's Beauty and the Beast Print Kit (1991)(Disney Interactive Software) [DB]
    Dr. Wong's Jacks+Video Poker Volume 2 (1993)(Villa Crespo Software) ISBN=98764-41002 PC Compatible 3.5" Floppy 5.25" Floppy
    Drag Race Eliminator (1986)(Family Software) [DB]
    Dragon Tutor (1993)(Wizardworks Software) ISBN=22242-21002 PC Compatible 3.5" Floppy
    Drain Drome (1995)(Kingsoft)
    Draw Poker (1982)(Avalon Hill Game Company, The) [DB]
    Dream Team Fantasy Football (1989)(MBI Software) ISBN=48831-00972 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy [DB]
    Drop (1988)(J. Van der Sijp) [DB]
    Dude (GameMaker)(199x)(T3 Software) [DB]
    Dummy Duck 7 (GameMaker)(2011)(Alan Caudel) [DB]
    Dungeon (990)(Ed T. Toton III) [have Dungeon 3 & Dungeon 4, part of 'Dungeon (1990)(Ed T. Toton III)' archive]
    Dungeon 2 (990)(Ed T. Toton III) [have Dungeon 3 & Dungeon 4, part of 'Dungeon (1990)(Ed T. Toton III)' archive]
    Dunjonquest: Morloc's Tower (1983)(Automated Simulations, Inc.)
    Duplix (1989)(A. Pajitnov) [DB]
    Dusk Rose (GameMaker)(1993)(Don'Pan Softare, A-J Games) [DB]
    E.S.S. (1989)(Tomahawk) [DB]
    E.T.: No More Mr. Nice Alien (1997)(Mistigris) [DB]
    Eagle Eye Mysteries Teacher Edition (1994)(Electronic Arts) ISBN=14633-04673 PC Compatible 1.2M 5.25 Floppy
    Early Learning First Shapes (19xx)(Davidson) ISBN=51581-21723 PC Compatible 3.5" Floppy 5.25" Floppy
    Easy learning: learn the Alphabet (1987)(Spinnaker Software Corp.) [DB]
    Easy Learning: Learn to Add (1987)(Spinnaker Software Corp.) [DB]
    Education Series: General Knowledge Builder (1989)(Disk-Count Software, Inc.)
    EDV-Spezialtest (1987)(Heka-Soft) [DB]
    EGA Puzzle (1989)(Schenk & Horn) [DB]
    Electric Crayon ABC's (1986)(Polarware, Inc. - Penguin Software, Inc.) [DB]
    Electric Crayon: Fun on the Farm (1985)(Brian A. Rice, Inc., Polarware / Penguin Software, Inc.) [DB]
    Electric Crayon: This Land Is Your Land (1985)(Polarware / Penguin Software, Inc.) [DB]
    Enchanted (1989)(Positive) [DB]
    Espionage (1988)(Grandslam Entertainments Ltd.) [DB]
    Euijeok: Im Kkeokjeong (1994)(SKC Soft Land) [DB]
    Europa-Liga (1986)(Dino-Soft) [DB]
    European Nations & Locations (1985)(DesignWare) ISBN=BRITT0015 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy [DB]
    Evil Dead: Take 2 (O.H.R.RPG.C.E.) (200x)(SamSawyr (aka AshRaimi))
    Evil Dead: Weird (O.H.R.RPG.C.E.) (200x)(SamSawyr (aka AshRaimi))
    Expert Astrologer (1994)(Expert Software, Inc.) [DB]
    Expert Backgammon (19xx)(Tom Weaver)
    Expert Common Knowledge (1992)(Expert Software, Inc.) [DB]
    Extra! Extra! (1987)(Media Materials) ISBN=10111-07259 PC Compatible 5.25 Floppy
    Facemaker: Golden Edition (1986)(Spinnaker Software) ISBN=87659-00334 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy
    Fall, The (Marco Pontello)(2004) [DB]
    Fantastic Fossils (1991)(Virtualogic) [DB]
    Fantastic Fossils II (1993)(Virtualogic)
    Farland Story: Tenshi no Namida (1994)(Technical Group Laboratory, Inc.) [DB]
    Farland Story: Kamigami no Isen (1996)(Technical Group Laboratory, Inc.) [DB]
    Fastrack Racing (1993)(MVP Software) [DB]
    Het Document (1992)(Wouter ten Brink)
    ION (199x)(Dodgy Posse)
    Manic Miner PMD-85 (2004)(Kopromaster Veliky)
    Morphopede (198x)(Software Source)
    Moving Puzzle (1989)(Schenk & Horn) [DB]
    PuzzStar (1991)(Schenk & Horn) [DB]
    Rampart Rampage (199x)(Ultisoft, Inc.) [DB]
    Rooms of Doom (1993)(Froggman Software) [DB]
    Secret Of Monkey Island, The (2000)(Epic Games, Inc.)
    Star Stone, Stoned! (1990)(Schenk & Horn) [DB]
    VGA Softball (1989)(Schenk & Horn) [DB]
MISSING CD GAME FILES (CONFIRMED MS-DOS VERSION EXISTS) [DB] = Game info exists as entry in DOSBase * = CD Version Only
  • 3 Sisters' Story (CD Version)(1999)(Jast Co)* [DB]
    3D Table Sports (CD Version)(1996)(Time Warner Interactive)* [DB]
    4-4-2 Soccer (CD Version)(1997)(Arc)* [DB]
    5th Fleet (CD Version)(1994)(Avalon Hill)
    1942: The Pacific Air War (CD Version)(1994)(Microprose Software)
    1830: Robbers and Railroad Barons (CD Version)(1995)(Avalon Hill)
    A IV Networks (CD Version)(1995)(I Motion)* [DB]
    A320 Airbus - USA Edition (CD Version)(1993)(Thalion Software)* [DB]
    Abacus Island (CD Version)(1994)(Optimum Resource)* [DB]
    Aces over Europe (CD Version)(1993)(Sierra On-Line)
    Aces of the Pacific (CD Version)(1992)(Sierra On-Line)
    Adventure of Tipi, The (CD Version)(1997)(Funsoft)* [DB]
    Adventures in Fairyland (CD Version)(1995)(Optimum Resource)* [DB]
    Adventures with Barbie: Ocean Discovery (CD Version)* [DB]
    AH-3 Thunderstrike: Air Assault (CD Version)(1995)(Core Design)* [DB]
    Air Duel: 80 Years of Dogfighting (CD Version)(1993)(Microprose software)
    Air Force Commander (CD Version)(1992)(Impressions Games)
    Air Power: Battle for the Skies (CD Version)(1995)(Mindscape)*
    Airline Simulator 2 (CD Version)(1998)(NOMISSOFT GmbH)* [DB]
    Alexi Lalas Red Hot Soccer (CD Version)(1996)(Ubi Soft)*
    Alien Cabal (CD Version)(1997)(QA Soft) [DB]
    Alive: Behind the Moon (CD Version)(1996)(Nova Media Verlag)*
    Amazon Trail, The (CD Version)(1993)(MECC)
    Amberstar (CD Version)(1992)(Thalion Software)
    Amazon Trail, The (CD Version)(1993)(MECC)
    American Adventure (CD Version)(1994)(Knowledge Adventure)*
    Amulets & Armor (CD Version)(1997)(United Software Artists)* [DB]
    Archer Maclean's Pool (CD Version)(1992)(Virgin Games, Ltd)
    Archon Ultra (CD Version)(1994)(Strategic Simulations inc)
    Arctic Baron (CD Version)(1993)(Silmarils)
    Arnie2 (CD Version)(1995)(Zepplin Games)
    Around the World in 80 Days (CD Version)(1994)(Electronic Arts) [DB]
    Astonishia Story (CD Version)(1994)(Sonnori)*
    Aufschwung Ost (CD Version)(1993)(Sunflowers Interactive)
    Autka (CD Version)(1997)(LK Avalon)*
    AYSO Soccer '97: World Challenge (CD Version)(1997)(GameTEK, FL)*
    Barbarian (CD Version)(1996)(GT Interactive)
    Battle for the Ashes (CD Version)(1997)(Audiogenic Software Ltd)*
    Battle Isle (CD Version)(1991)(Blue Byte Software GmBH)
    Battle Isle '93 - The Moon of Chromos (CD Version)(1993)(Blue Byte Software GmbH)
    Battle Race (CD Version)(1996)(Soft Enterprises)* [DB]
    Battle Wrath (CD Version)(1997)(Cerebral)*
    Battles in Time (CD Version)(1995)(Quantum Quality Productions)* [DB]
    BattleSport (CD Version)(1997)(Acclaim Entertainment)
    Bedlam 2: Absolute Bedlam (CD Version)(1997)(Mirage Technologies)*
    Berenstain Bears Learning At Home, Volume One (CD Version)(1993)(Compton's NewMedia)* [DB]
    Bill Crosby's Picture Pages: Numbers and Shapes (CD Version)(1994)(Viacom Newmedia)* [DB]
    Black Sign (CD Version)(1996)(CN Art)* [DB]
    Black Hawk (CD Version)(1994)(Interplay) [DB]
    Bloodbath at Red Falls (CD Version)(1997)(Underworld)* [DB]
    Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess (CD Version)(1994)(Interplay Entertainment Corp.) [DB]
    Body Slam - All Star Wrestling (CD Version)(1995)(Junkyard)
    Bonus (CD Version)(1993)(CET)* [DB]
    Botsoccer (CD Version)(1996)(CAPS Softwaredesign ULM) [DB]*
    Bram Stoker's Dracula (CD Version)(1993)(Psygnosis Limited) [DB]
    Bridge Champion With Omar Sharif (CD Version)(1993)(Oxford Softworks)
    Bridge Deluxe 2 with Omar Sharif (CD Version)(1996)(Oxford Softworks) [DB]
    Bundesliga Manager Professional (CD Version)(1991)(Software 2000) [DB]
    Burnout Championship Drag Racing (Player's Choice Edition)(CD Version)(1998)(Bethesda Softworks)* [DB]
    Call of the Cthulhu: Shadow of the Comet (CD Version)(1994)(Atari Europe S.A.S.U.) [DB]
    Campaign II (CD Version)(1993)(Empire Software)* [DB]
    Campaign Including 25 Extra Missions (CD Version)(1996)(Empire Software)* [DB]
    CART Racing (CD Version)(1996)(Sierra On-Line, Inc.)* [DB]
    Casino - Tournament of Champions (CD)(1995)(Capstone Software)* [A Demo version exists as a RIP, full CD cannot be found]
    Casino Master Gold (CD Version)(1996)(Centron Software)*
    CatFight: The Ultimate Female Fighting Game (CD Version)(1996)(Phantom Card)* [DB]
    Championship Manager: Scandinavian Leagues (CD Version)(1997)(Eidos, Interactive Sports)* [DB]
    Cheesy Invaders (CD Version)(1994)(Cheesy Software)
    Circuit Racer (CD Version)(1995)(NoriaWorks Entertainment)*
    Civil War: Master Player's Edition, The (CD Version)(1996)(Empire Interactive)*
    Clou, Der (CD Version)(1994)(Neo Software) [Clone of 'Clue, The (CD Version)(1994)(NEO Software)'] [DB]
    Colony 28 (CD Version)(1997)(Napoleon Games)* [DB]
    Colony Wars 2492 (CD Version)(1996)(Digital X-citement)* [DB]
    Comedy Bowling (CD Version)(1995)(Panda)*
    Complete Carriers at War, The (CD Version)(1996)(SSG)*
    Conspiracy: The Deadlock Files (1991)(Accolade) [DB]
    Crazy Circus (CD Version)(1995)(AD Games)
    Crazy Drake (CD Version)(1996)(Neurotech Software)
    Creepers (CD Version)(1992)(Psygnosis Limited) [DB]
    Cricket 97 (CD Version)(1997)(Electronic Arts, Inc.)* [DB]
    Crusade (CD Version)(1996)(Greenwood Entertainment) [DB]
    Crystal Caves (CD Version)(1994)(FormGen) [DB]
    Cyberball (CD Version)(1998)(Midas Interactive Entertainment BV)* [DB]
    CyberLaw (CD Version)(1996)(Balance Games)* [DB]
    Cyber Police (CD Version)(1996)(Balance Games)* [DB]
    Cylindrix (CD Version)(1996)(Goldtree Software)
    Cyril Cyberpunk (CD Version)(1996)(Reality Studios)* [DB]
    D-Day America Invades (CD Version)(1995)(Avalon Hill)* [DB]
    D-Day: Operation Overlord (CD Version)(1994)(Virgin Interactive Etertainment (Europe), Ltd.)* [DB]
    Danger Zone (CD Version)(1995)(Horng Shen Information Co., Ltd.)
    Depth Dwellers (CD Version)(1994)(TriSoft)
    Der Planer 2 (CD Version)(Greenwood Entertainment Software GmbH)* [DB]
    Descent Levels of the World (CD Version)(1995)(Parallax Software Corp.)* [DB]
    Desert Strike (CD Version)(1993)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd.) [DB]
    Destroyman (CD Version)(1996)(Fun Square)*
    Diggers 2: Extractors (CD Version)(1995)(Vic Tokai, Inc.)*
    Dimensions for Descent (CD Version)(1995)(Lasersoft, Inc.)*
    Digital Dreamware (CD Version)(1994)(Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.)*
    Dino Wars (CD Version)(1993)(Digitek Software) [DB]
    Disciples of Steel (CD Version)(1995)(Software Values International, Inc.) [DB]
    DOKA Pinball (CD Version)(1996)(DOKA Media)* [A Rip version exists]
    Domination (CD Version)(1997)(Xtreme Games)* [A Rip version exists]
    Dragon Knight 4 (CD Version)(1994)(Elf Co., Ltd.)* [A Rip version exists]
    Drone (CD Version)(1997)(PixelSplash Software)* [DB]
    Earth Treks (1995)(Softkey multimedia, Inc.) [DB]
    Eight Ball Deluxe (CD Version)(1993)(Amtex) [DB]
    Electric Reading Land (CD Version)(1993)(D.C. True)* [DB]
    Electronic Pinball (CD Version)(1997)(21st Century Entertainment)*
    Endangered & Threatened Species (CD Version)(1993)(Quanta Press, Inc.)* [DB]
    Enemies from Space (CD Version)(1997)(SoftKey Multimedia, Inc.)* [DB]
    Epic (1993)(CD Version)(Ocean Software Ltd.)
    ESPN National Hockey Night (CD Version)(1995)(Sony Interactive)* (may have been CANCELLED before completion)
    ESPN NBA Airborne '95 (CD Version)(1995)(SONY ImageSoft)* (developed, but never shipped)
    Eternal Destiny (CD Version)(1998)(Talos Interactive)* [DB]
    Expert Pinball 2000 (CD Version)(1995)(Expert Software, Inc.)* [DB]
    Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor (CD Version)(1993)(Strategic Simulations, Inc.) [DB]
    F-19 Stealth Fighter (CD Version)(1994)(Microprose Software, Inc., Kixx, Inc.) [DB]
    FIFA International Soccer (CD Version)(1994)(Electronic Arts, Inc.) [DB]
    Hell Crazy (CD Version)(1997)(Bird of Paradise)
    Jungle Strike (CD Version)(1995)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd.) [DB]
    ONSIDE: Complete Soccer (CD Version)(1996)(Telstar Electronic Studios Ltd.)* [DB]
    Rex Blade: The Apocalypse (CD Version)(1996)(Simon & Schuster Interactive)* [DB]
    Speed Haste (CD Version)(1995)(NoriaWorks Entertainment)* [DB]
    Xmas Carnage (CD Version)(1994)(Soft Enterprises)*
  • 1990 (1994)(Cyberton) [noinfo]
    ABC games (USSR)(1989) [noinfo]
    Advanced Lawnmower Simulator (2000)(Nathan Cross, Chris Hines) [noinfo] Spectrum remake
    Alice (1990)(Lucas) [noinfo]
    Assault (1995)(Comi) [noinfo]
    Avery Cardoza 100 Slots (1997)(Cardoza Entertainment) [noinfo]
    Avnado (Yong Choi)(1989) [noinfo]
    Bakuhatu (1999)(Ikiki) [noinfo]
    Baseball (1984)(Imagic) [noinfo] http://gamesmuseum.pixesthesia.com/texts/pcjrgame.txt
    Baseball Fanatic (Performing Art Soft)(1986) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Baslin (1985)(Software Strategies) ISBN=SOSTR0008 PC Compatible 5.25 Floppy [noinfo]
    BattleTank FES (1994)(InterAction Studios) [noinfo]
    Beauty Story (1993)(-) [noinfo]
    Berenstain Bears Learn about Reading, The (19xx)(Compton's New Media) [noinfo]
    Bicycle Adventure (Eden Software)(1992) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Bicycle Solitaire (1997)(atOnce Software) [noinfo]
    BigDance (1998)(KnoWare Technology) [noinfo]
    Bike Hike * PC? * (19xx)(Merit Software) [noinfo]
    Bio-Droid: Hpy-1 (1992)(Magicom) [noinfo] *Is this a clone of Hopy-ONE (1996)(Webfoot Technologies)??
    Biznes (1988)(M.Cwynar) [noinfo]
    Black Kuro (1992)(Violate) [noinfo]
    Black Tie Casino (1999)(Global Interactive) [noinfo]
    Blockout 2 (1989)(California Dreams) [noinfo]
    Blood Suckers (1998)(DM Inc.) [noinfo]
    Blue-Night (1994)(Psygnosis) [noinfo]
    Boa (Microsoft)(1989) [noinfo]
    Boppie's Great Word Chase (1985)(DLM) ISBN=88486-16929 PC Compatible 5.25 Floppy [noinfo]
    Brain Game, The (1993)(SG Software) [noinfo]
    Brainiac (1994)(Image Systems)(Chris Granger)(SW) [noinfo]
    Briefcase Gallery Series 3.1 (1991)(Daily Pop-Up) ISBN=39084-00200 PC Compatible 3.5 Floppy [noinfo]
    Broker King (1991)(Falken Software) [noinfo]
    Brother's aid (USSR)(1989) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Burn Racev (Max Design)(1993) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Busters (1999)(Midas) [noinfo]
    Cactus Quest (Denis Sinsakov)(1990) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Cameraman (1994)(unknown) [noinfo]
    Casino Extravaganza (19xx)(AGT) [noinfo]
    Casino Gamblers Kit (1993)(Villa Crespo Software) [noinfo]
    Cat (1983)(IBM) [noinfo]
    Cave Danger (1999)(Mug Software) [noinfo]
    CD-Blitz (19xx)(Blitz N'Software) [noinfo]
    Champions (1993)(Konami) [noinfo]
    Championship 3-D Chess (19xx)(Midlands Publishing Comp) ISBN=16549-05513 aPC Compatible 5.25 Floppy [noinfo]
    Championship Fishing (1997)(Paul Dowers) [noinfo]
    Championship Pool (1989)(Bout Time) [noinfo]
    Championship Pool (1993)(Yang Zhu) [noinfo]
    Charles Barkley In Your Face (19xx)(Accolade) ISBN=15605-64031 PC Compatible 1.44M 3.5 Floppy [noinfo]
    Checkers *pc?* (19xx)(Computer Easy) ISBN=51716-30008 PC Compatible 5.25 Floppy [noinfo]
    Chemistry Works (1992)(Software Marketing Corpo) ISBN=29798-00016 rPC Compatible 3.5 Floppy 5.25 Floppy [noinfo]
    Chess (19xx)(BCI Software, Inc.) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Chess Board (1988)(E.S.C.A.P.E) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Choplifter (MSX Port)(1995)(Friends Software, Brøderbund Software) [noinfo]
    Chrystal Mine (1994)(APS) [noinfo]
    CityGame (1999)(Robert and Jimmy) [noinfo]
    Clax (1985)(USSR) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Club of Bridge (1996)(Moscow State University) [noinfo]
    Color pack (1986)(USSR) [noinfo]
    Computer Chess (19xx)(Centaur Software) [noinfo]
    Contract Bridge demo v. 5.0 (Errol Wallingfor)(1994) [noinfo]
    Corners (R)(1995)(Varicom 77) [noinfo]
    Corporate Wars (1993)(-) [noinfo]
    Coup d'ETAT (1992)("The Idea of F", Ltd) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Crimson Wars (1998)(The InternetGames) [noinfo]
    Crossword Companion (19xx)(R. Nixon) [noinfo]
    Cyber Hunter (1995)(Pro Team Productions) [noinfo]
    Cyberriders (1992) (WSP) [noinfo]
    Daniel & the Lion's Den (1982)(BibleBytes Software) [noinfo]
    Darts for DOS (1996)(T-Time Technology) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Darwin's island (1992)(IBM) [noinfo]
    Daymare 1 (1993)(Jing Gameware) [noinfo]
    Degi (1997)(jAVG) [noinfo]
    Demarrage (1998)(Pride Interactive) [noinfo]
    Demon, The Adventure (1988)(Unknown Inc) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Devil Island Monopoly (-)(1996) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond' (Possibly a Chinese game)
    Diabolic Game (1996)(Webfoot Software) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Dice (1991)(USSR) [noinfo]
    Dice (1991)(V. Kosto Inc) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Discovery Chest (19xx)(ISC (Innovative Software Corporation)) ISBN=16012-92002 PC Compatible 3.5" Floppy [noinfo]
    Disney's Animation Studio (19xx)(Walt Disney Computer Software, Inc.) [noinfo]
    Domino Parlor (1984)(B.J. Ball) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond' *may be a clone of Mack's Domino Parlor (1984)(B.J. Ball)
    Dominoes (1987)(Software Experts) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Domovoy (R) (1993)(KMZsoft) [noinfo]
    Dos Egg (1999)(Steve McCrea, Mark Rendle) [noinfo] Speccy Remake of 'Chuckie Egg'
    Double Mind (1992) (Art-n-Fun) [noinfo]
    Draft Choice (19xx)(R.TV. Marin B.V.) ISBN=72040-40353 PC Compatible 3.5" Floppy [noinfo]
    Dungeons of Doom (1990)(Arndt Hasch) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Easy Street (1992)(Mindplay) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Elementary School 3 Pack (19xx)(Compton's New Media) ISBN=45445-42136 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy [noinfo]
    Emerald Storm 2 (1999)(IssaSoft Productions) [noinfo]
    Emergency Mission (1985)(Richard Brown) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Empire of the Milky Way (1992)(-) [noinfo]
    Enigma (1998)(Freeverse Software) [noinfo]
    Erudorado (1996)(Kenji) [noinfo]
    Escape To Vegas (19xx)(Disk-Count Software, Inc) ISBN=DSCNT0004 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy [noinfo]
    Etoile Stars (1999)(KrShin) [Noinfo]
    Evangelion (1996)(Workshop) [noinfo]
    Excavating The Pyramids (19xx)(GRT Corporation) ISBN=25549-00013 PC Compatible 3.5" Floppy [noinfo]
    Excel-A-Read (19xx)(American Educational Com) ISBN=82971-70004 PC Compatible 5.25" Floppy [noinfo]
    Exploding atoms (1988)(Personal Comp. World) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Explore: UFO Phenomenon, The (19xx)(Computer Easy) ISBN=51716-50116 PC Compatible 1.44M 3.5" Floppy [noinfo]
    Extreme Dinosaur Puzzles (1999)(Khaoscape International Software) [noinfo]
    F-14 Mission disk (1990)(F14MD-1) [noinfo]
    Fairly Tale Story (1991)(Queue) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Fantastic Zoo Drawing & Touch Writing (19xx)(DIL International) ISBN=75350-72603 PC Compatible 1.44M 3.5" Floppy [noinfo]
    Fantasy Football Commisioner (1998)(First Place Sports Software) [noinfo]
    Fantasy Golf 2000 (1999)(Fango, Inc.) [noinfo]
    Fascint (1991)(Delphine Software) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
    Fighter (1992)(-) [noinfo]
    PC Lander (198x)(Gary Quirring) [noinfo] early 80's BASIC program, not sure if it works in DOS
    Robot Odyssey Special Edition (1985)(The Learnig Company) aka Escape Challenge! Robot Odyssey [noinfo]
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Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:52 pm

Huh. You're listing several RSD Game-Maker games up there, including some still in development (such as Alan Caudel's Dummy Duck 7). That's pretty interesting. Where are you getting your information, exactly?

Also, it's worth mentioning that there's a big difference between GameMaker and Game-Maker. The hyphen is important.
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Wed Dec 12, 2012 3:47 am

2 sites mainly: UG's Complete MS-DOS Collection and the Universal Videogame List. After that, its a matter of scouring the internet, comparing file listings on about 100 different sites, about 25% of which are not in the English language (which is what I speak). After that, I crunch and compile all that data with several torrent directories (Rips, Scene releases, TOSECS, etc.) until I get a pretty good listing of whats available. A lot of what you might see on that list are actually referred to on actual websites as being available, worked on, or released in the past for MS-DOS. Those I can confirm through multiple sources, I list at the top, those I can't get any additional information on, I list at the bottom.

I wish it was as easy as finding one master list which was definative, but I am only just as human as everyone else. And as far as perfection, even the closest thing to it which I believe is UG's list, is riddled with misnamed, mislabeled, or incomplete software titles.

I admit, that this project should be more of a team of people, rather than one individual. And it will take a lot of information to make it as comprehensive as possible, but that is the goal.

There are four different software packs to be released for DOSBase in the end:

A Basic package with all commercially released disk games

A Shareware/Freeware package that includes shareware, freeware, and some shareware that is now full versions because the authors have deemed those specific games as abandonware and have released a free registered version.

An International pack including all games that are of a language type other than English (this does not include games that are multi-lingual and include English as one of the languages)

A CDROM pack which includes any of the above but on CDROM versions (This package is obviously a monster and will require more than 1 torrent)
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Mon Dec 17, 2012 3:15 pm

So a wide variety of sources. I guess it's hard to keep track of what entries come from where. I just find some of the entries curious. I mean, Alan Caudel is still working on Dummy Duck 7 -- and it's not very widely publicized as yet. He only published his first official teaser trailer about a week ago.

I can confirm the existence of several other games (many of which, curiously enough, also happen to by by Mr. Caudel). Here's what I know exists, and can either provide or give you a lead in tracking down:

Adam '99 (Game-Maker) (1999)(Alan Caudel)
Adventure (Game-Maker) (1995)(Alan Caudel) [DB]
Dummy Duck 7 (Game-Maker)(2011)(Alan Caudel) [DB]
Dusk Rose (Game-Maker)(1993)(Don'Pan Softare, A-J Games) [DB]

The following games may or may not still exist. If they do, then they had no distribution and have yet to be recovered by their authors. I am in contact with their authors, and if the games ever do turn up then they will let me know.

Chad's Crazy Adventure (Game-Maker) (199x)(Sean McNulty) [DB]
Demonika (Game-Maker)(2003)(Sean McNulty) [DB]
Dude (Game-Maker)(199x)(T3 Software) [DB]

I'm not totally sure what else may or may not be in the database, but (given that I am not yet allowed to post URLs) if you search for The Game-Maker Archive wiki you can find 252 further games along these lines by visiting the "Game-Maker games" and "Pending articles" sections. Everything in these two lists is also confirmed and in most cases readily available.
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Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:59 pm

Thanks ejrt. Your help is very appreciated on this. I know of the page you are referring too, it is where I got a lot of the information regarding the titles in question, as well as those titles that are already included.

I have contacted a number of authors on several of the software titles that are in the confirmed list as well, and a lot of the same thing: It was either lost, or they just can't remember where they put it at the time being. I think you will find that Dummy Duck 7 may be the only title that is not currently released, but is still being worked on, and a release should be forthcoming.

There were a few sites that listed discontinued software, and unreleased software. I chose not to include them, and if Dummy Duck 7 should never be released, I will remove it as well.

As far as the games themselves, they are less important then the information itself. DOSBase should be more of a compendium of all games available in the DOS operating environment and, although there will be many thousands of games released with it, having the actual games themselves is just an added benefit. Then again, no one ever downloads a gamebase just to READ about the games...
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Tue Dec 18, 2012 9:51 pm

Airline Tycoon (KOEI)(1995) {Role-playing}

I think this is something of a misnomer/translation. There are the Air Management games by Koei, but they're only available in Asian languages for DOS. I might be able to supply you with them if you want them though.
Battlestations - U.S.S. John Young (1995)(Interactivision)
This might be just a compilation release of Battlestations/U.S.S. John Young ( originally by Magic Bytes).
Borsenfieber (1989)(Falken-Verlag GmbH) [DB]
German version of Wall$treet
Conquestador (1992) (GDG) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
German version of "Spoils of War".
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Wed Dec 19, 2012 6:29 am

Thank you.
Airline Tycoon (KOEI)(1995) {Role-playing}
I have "Air Manager 2" by KOEI. If you have something different, I'll add it in DOSBase

Battlestations - U.S.S. John Young (1995)(Interactivision)
I tend to agree with you. I only listed it because both games (Battle Stations and U.S.S. John Young) were released in 1990 by Innerprise Software, and the U.G. list had an obvious difference in year/publisher, so I wasnt sure.

== Removed from missing list

Borsenfieber (1989)(Falken-Verlag GmbH) [DB]
== Changed to "Clone of..."
== Wall$treet information added to DOSBase

Conquestador (1992) (GDG) [noinfo] listed as 'Classic Fond'
== Changed to "Clone of..."
== Spoils of War information added to DOSBase
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Tue Dec 25, 2012 7:28 am


Please DO NOT upload these files anywhere else (such as a torrent site). This is a W.I.P. and as such, the finished product will appear much different then what is available in this early state. Available now is over 4000 games letters 0-E. There will be games shown for many of the other letters of the alphabet, but they are still being worked on. The game packs I am releasing thus far are at least 90% (or better) complete.

I would suggest that you download the SETUP instructions before downloading any of the other files. The are located in the DOSBase MAIN database link.

There are some features that are not included in this version. They are the CD games (due to the sheer size of the Package - Over 100G presently), The game patches, and the non-working games. Although they will all be available in the final version, available through torrent download, they are not neccesary for the gamebase to function.

This will be the only release for some time, so please ENJOY :P

DOSBase Main Database and Setup


DOSBase Screenshots


DOSBase Extras


DOSBase Games

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Tue Dec 25, 2012 10:54 am

Thank You and Merry Christmas.

This is excellent work!. 8)
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Tue Dec 25, 2012 11:20 pm

Thanks for your hard work pondo !
This is a really a big W.I.P. GameBase

Merry Christmas to all :D
GB done: Philips VG 5000, Sord-M5, Acorn Atom, Enterprise v1.00
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Fri Dec 28, 2012 2:30 pm

great stuff thank you 8)
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Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:47 pm

What an awesome Gamebase! Keep up the good work! :D
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Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:56 am

hi pondo
i haven't been in the forum for some time
so i only see this now
this is an immense work you are doing and on your own
your time and effort is much appreciated
it is so much work
but in the end this will be an amazing gamebase
thank you for all the hard work
eagerly waiting to see this gamebase when its done
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Mon Sep 16, 2013 4:12 pm

Thank you hilleIr.

The work continues on the DOSBase project. Parts of it will be uploaded to a private torrent site soon. The sequence of uploading them will be to upload the CD titles first, because of their size, and then everything else (Currently available for the project).

Because of the sheer size of the Gamebase, it is not projected to be finished for quite some time. In fact, just because of the nature of DOS, it may never be truly finished at all. But, regardless of that possibility, you'll still have a complete working version available to download eventually.

Please stay tuned for further information regarding this huge undertaking.

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